The ultimate in-ear tactical headset for high noise and extreme environments

INVISIO X50 is the world's first digital in-ear Bone Conduction headset control system with Hearing Protection.

The INVISIO X50 offers Hearing Protection with natural hear-thru and the ability to control two communication devices simultaneously. Intelligence inside the INVISIO X50 control unit comes from micro processors and state-of-the-art high speed digital signal processors allowing the user to control both hear-thru volume with super enhanced hearing and communication volume.

Automatic sensing of the communication device makes it possible to swap devices on the go without having to lose communication or situational awareness. Additionally the INVISIO X50 operates in both half duplex radio mode and full duplex intercom mode. All connectors and switches are submersible to 2 meters (IP68) and are manufactured to the grade meeting or exceeding military specifications.

The INVISIO X5 and INVISIO X6 dual headsets are designed for use with the INVISIO X50 and are available as separate units. They provide crystal clear communication even in the noisiest environments due to the INVISIO Bone Conduction Microphone Technology and offers certified Hearing Protection along with unsurpassed comfort and versatility.

● Market leading certified Hearing Protection, SNR 32 dB / NRR 29 dB with 360 degree situational awareness

● Dual simultaneous radio capability with dual PTT's and full duplex capacity

● Volume controls for communication sources and enhanced hearing with digital acoustic shock limiter

● Automatic sensing of headset and radio type

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The Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS) provides concurrent hearing protection and auditory situational awareness. Historically, Soldiers have had to choose between hearing protection and force protection. TCAPS maintains hearing protection while enabling Soldiers to use existing tactical radios, resulting in increased mission effectiveness, safety, and survivability.

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